Our Process

An Integrated Approach: The PPC Total Health Solution. Our objective is to help you protect and grow your health and longevity. To accomplish this, we use our unique process to protect and enhance your health in a time-tested, measurable way. Our approach is based on process not products.

1. Discover

To be truly effective, ... We define your core principles and motivations, and create a context in which to build your personal plan We take time to get to know our you and your concerns, and believe a comprehensive approach is essential.

2. Assess

Your health information is collected and reviewed. A comp analysis of your total health picture is essential.

3. Protect

The underlying risks are analyzed and solutions are provided.

4. Build

All components are coordinated and integrated. Working together, the member and personal physician custom design a wellness program around the unique circumstances and life style of the member that centers on nutrition, diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

5. Implement and Monitor

Step by step, we guide you through the implementation phase of your plan. Each member is provided coordinated access to all of their medical needs.