This is a perfect example of a direct translation not conveying the true meaning of a phrase, and why automated translation software can go so terribly wrong. Both “Je ne sais pas quoi dire” and “Je ne sais quoi dire” are correct translations for “I don’t know what to say”.With most verbs, skipping the “pas” sounds dated, but with “savoir”, not so much; still, the version with the “pas” probably remains more usual in everyday conversation. However, the English “je ne sais … Monsieur le Président, je ne sais pas qui le député a écouté. Mr. Speaker, I do not know what the hon. je ne sais quoi: 1 n something indescribable Type of: object , physical object a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow Monsieur le Président, je ne sais pas d'où le député tient cette allégation. Translation French ... = d'après ce que je sais *** 'sais' also found in translations in English-French dictionary ... definition or synonym for sais and thousands of other words. JNSQ is California wine with a French accent. Je sais que cela ne suffira pas, je sais qu'il faut une mobilisation de l'opinion publique. Je ne sais pas. “Sais” means “Know” when referring to things, not people. Uniquely styled and easy to enjoy, each varietal comes in a collectible bottle. "Je ne sais pas pourquoi" is a teen-pop ballad, which is also inspired by dance-pop, which features instrumentals including drum machine, synthesizers and some minor guitar riffs. (the others being "oui" and "non") 2. also one of three answers you give your French teacher when he/she asks you a question that you don't know the answer too or are just too lazy to answer. Je ne sais trop quoi penser de la Colombie parce que je ne l'ai pas vue jouer en direct, mais elle m'a l'air très compétente. I have to be a little bit more circumspect talking about Colombia because I haven't seen them live but they look incredibly competent and like to dictate the play. je ne regrette rien "I regret nothing" (from the title of a popular song sung by Édith Piaf: Non, je ne regrette rien). But it is actually an euphemism to express a pleasant or desirable trait about something or someone that can't be desribed or explained. Discover fabulous wines with that "je ne sais quoi." colleague is talking about with regard to that claim. I don't know. Some, I guess - I don't know. je ne sais pas. Context sentences for "je sais" in English. je ne sais quoi lit. je ne sais quoi synonyms, je ne sais quoi pronunciation, je ne sais quoi translation, English dictionary definition of je ne sais quoi. Define je ne sais quoi. 'Je ne sais quoi' is a French phrase which translates directly as 'I don't know what'. This French idiom is frowned upon by people who feel socially, economically, or mentally threatened because they can't stand "snobs" who use this phrase (see first definition in this list). n. A quality … A substantially different early demo version of "Je ne sais pas pourquoi" is known to exist, although it … ... 1. means "I don't know" in French. Also the phrase the UK's then Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont chose to use to describe his feelings over the events of September 16, 1992 ('Black Wednesday'). The phrase is used in the sense of 'a certain something'. I know this will not be enough; I know public opinion needs to be mobilised. Literally it means "I do not know" in French. Je ne sais pas means “I don't know.” “Je” means “I.” “Ne” is part of a phrase meaning “not” or “don’t,” but in casual speech is often omitted. The secret way to pass French in high school. Mr. Speaker, I do not know what my hon.