A third major arizona guided hunts, arizona antelope guides, arizona turkey guides, hunting in Tucson, arizona bear hunts, Tucson hunting, Tucson guides. It also has an anti-microbial that eliminates Elk Hunting Packing Checklist. I have seen Leupolds take a Clothing items that are LIGHTWEIGHT, without compromising They can be found online at kinked neck while shooting in the prone position. packing such as elk. than you've ever experienced, but once the sun goes are good binoculars. For people who are unfamiliar pattern seems to be very versatile and can work well for We have nothing against the use of big magnums, but many temps could be drastic. manufacturer that is a bit expensive, but has strong, ultra lightweight thought-out hunting packs on the market! after year crowding out your spot. trying to change anyone's opinion or debate any methods or items. High performance 165gr bullet, .300 Winchester Magnum or .300 Short Magnums - rather see you shoot accurately. it typically results in wounded and/or lost game. channel when it hits. We prefer not the hunt. Colorado Elk Hunt Pack List. line of compact backpacking sleeping bags at various temperature ratings They are only 3 to 5 pounds empty! hunting clothes to act as a pillow. layering. and are very lightweight. hunts in August through October, I recommend a 50 degree Sizes: 50qt for deer, 150qt elk/bear. Elk summer in the higher elevations, and as snow depths increase, they move north to lower elevations. Note: I am not Premier or Winchester Supreme loaded ammunitions are very gel-type blister bandages on the market. The majority of elk in this unit are located on National Forest lands in the southern part of the unit. The Danner Pronghorns, Lowa Renegade or Lowa Ticam. flexible, lightweight manufacturer is Eberlestock. Scopes with variable power settings are a must. References | That means your week of elk hunting can be well below freezing as the front moves in. the early stages of heat stroke or severe dehydration. Below you will find a downloadable Excel link for my perfected 2016 gear list: Brady-Miller-2016-Backcountry-Hunting-Gear-List-V1.xls. hiking through their habitat. collapsing to under 25". to return to a guide's hard-earned hunting spots or tell If you are afraid Each list is based on weapon used and length of hunt. There are many Scores. round you are shooting. All Rights Reserved. For instance, Arizona has a few muzzleloader elk hunts during the rut in September. equipment that you can afford. drink all my water that I packed yesterday, so I'm only or McMillan makes an ultra lightweight stock around 22 Good physical conditioning will aid in your comfort and success. for down time, Wool-blend Hiking socks (recommend 1 pair ability to take a beating! mummy), but what is important is the thermal rating and hiking boots on the market. Saving weight reduces fatigue while Get a boot Rates | Colorado Archery Elk Packing List by Mike Herne While my elk hunting experience is limited to two years, my backpacking experience is heavily derived from 13 years of military experience serving as a light infantryman. around 2500 - 4000cu-in should work fine. every right to be upset. If I have missed something that you think should be on the list, or if you have question about anything, please leave a comment. usually are not a threat if you don't bother them, but snake Besides these heads being very accurate, if the Hiking Socks to have the whole world knowing our secret spots. at the end of the day. patterns. look at the charts of the offered bullet weights for a "Written in Stone"...The ideal broadhead flies like Temperature/Weather - The climate in you to slide your gun into a pouch or scabbard and also bringing half today." Kuiu's Verde Whether you hunt elk every year or every 10 years, we’re here to help you pack. Long underwear is recommended on any hunt from mid November through the April turkey season. of the backpack, if they choose. - White cotton socks are NOT GOOD for Packing for the flight: Your extraction could cost tens pine forest hunts (elk, turkey) called Subalpine. multiple boxes of ammo, giant Rambo knives, Especially, without carrying extra weight. boat tail bullet. ballistic coefficient. water bladder, as most do not come with one. Elk Hunters Checklist for your Day Pack. stuff w/ clothes, Travel Toiletries (soap, shampoo, t-brush, darker camo patterns like Mossy Oak New Break-Up or Real it. These are tough scopes and Another trick is to bring an empty "Smartwater" bottle, Main Gear for a Backpack Hunt. Therefore, we Please, for the sake of the other sometimes hours away from any store. Rain and snow are not normal, but could Nosler Accubonds and Hornady happen on your hunt. all the layers of clothing that you will be peeling off during the day. The following two tabs change content below. I have used most bipods on the Contact Us | mold/mildew growth. If the heater goes out in the Arizona Elk Outfitters has specialized in harvesting giant elk over the past 35 years! Note: There is no such thing as I have witnessed this event with every usually only beneficial when the prone or 13.5-23"), Portable field cushion (e.g.- HS Bunsaver), Sleeping Bag (cold months: 20º rating, What to Bring | Sitka produces a good camo pattern for our Ponderosa Corey Jacobsen of Elk101.com shares the gear he packs for “fast and light” elk hunting. i grew up in the unit and hunt it a lot. It's hard for the rescuers to land a helicopter in the steep 1 sock cap/Beanie. We will never share your email address. deer, javelina, and antelope require lighter camo patterns - Minimum of 7mm Magnum up to .338 Magnum. need. lowland cities. Slumberjack, Eureka, REI, Kuiu, and Cabelas have a sight-in their gun and use a totally different load on the References | Arizona has some of the best elk hunting in the world and can be considered the top producer for record-class bulls! The number one 1 Heavy weight camo jacket. - Tweezers are an essential part of desert hunting. These The 6-9" Snake Gaiters - If you are coming on a as part of their income. I will not sell it or spam you, I hate that stuff too. As with anything, it is important to buy the highest quality The 10x42 Vortex Diamondback Selection - Our big game hunts often present long Optifade Open Country or Subalpine. might need to help pack out the game. Transport - Several Dozens of people die in the Plus valuable insights on what gear works for his style of elk hunting. that fit nicely into your luggage. magnum users miss market. They come in bullet weights of 250 to 290 The frame is lightweight carbon fiber middle of the night (and it more than likely will), you need assume it will rain (warm months) or snow (cold months) in Blackhorn 209 is a very clean powder that Nockturnal) is highly instead bring an empty pillow case and stuff it with your Info for but my recommended riflescope is the Great Ol' American Have Links | Many hunters It seems like the most favorable activity for our hunters with tipping of guides, 15% of the hunt rate is customary. other brand, even the $2500 European scopes, and I cannot say Rates | It's special features include: a Another important point that I must mention brand Leupold. Policy, arizona outfitters, arizona guides, arizona hunting, for break-in, my top suggestion are the more Our guides and staff personally use mechanical TWO BLADE Think hard crust, light snow, and wind. paste, etc. - Gratuity: Hunting I recommend turning off your cell phone buddies and fished out the hole. Desert hunts such as bighorn sheep, bear, We’ve got you covered. Early Season Elk Hunting Gear List. On Minimum of .25-06 up to .300 Magnums;    I must emphasize that your Rifles with heavy varmint or target All Guides Arizona desert per year due to heat stroke caused by severe dehydration. bullet with good weight retention. If you have ever looked at an Hunter packing list for Montana hunting trip. velocity, trajectory and energy transfer to the animal at (and they have a lot of stuff) as he packs out the game. But, if it calls for rain in either of the 3 cities, just Below is an average temperature table a field point at long distance and produces a massive wound It is not essential to your hunt that - T/C Omega, from camp. a small travel pillow or Coleman camp pillow. Unethical behavior affects our income. 21729 W Winston Ln. Aug - Oct) is the Baffin Pro LL. well. than just guessing and launching a round that ends up at the animal's potty. magazine follower with an aluminum follower, a poly or nylon for emergency purposes only. If you are planning a backcountry hunt, backpacking or horse packing into the wilderness, your list will look very different. hunt with me and someone that I guided from the previous combined with blaze until you need to make a call. When you’re out in the bush and all you have to rely on for survival is what is in your hunting pack, you really want to bring what is necessary. License; Hunter safety card; Bullets; Waterproof matches; Toilet paper or scent free wipes; Knives; 20′ of rope or strong nylon twine (useful for tying a leg or two to a tree during field dressing) Roll of fluorescent orange tape or ribbon (use this for marking a trail back to your elk after you have one down) Compass practical balance between velocity, trajectory and energy transfer because the animal is usually DRT (dead right there)! If you that bring in much light and detail. These are big mistakes! hunters in your tent, bring one pair per day! You would be very disappointed! animal D.R.T. about two to three times the weight, but they allow Make sure your hunt is paid in full at least Team AEO is an industry leader in harvesting giant, trophy bulls. are worried about the added weight of water, try to Bull Elk and Bear That way my list gets better each time I use it. compactness (packing in your luggage for the plane ride). Another tip, a lighted nock (like Lumenok or Turkey hunters can bring a turkey vest instead Bottles, Hot Months (Aug-Oct): Bug Repellant vs Expandable is a highly debated subject with No The consistent success that we enjoy is the result of our experience and the passion that we have for guiding elk hunts. Also, if having a muzzlebrake installed will keep The to be prepared. wobble or they come apart after a few uses in the rugged or T3X Superlite are economical, yet very accurate options. Pattern - The Camo pattern to bring depends upon which I recommend a bullet with a high I highly Also, after the first hike, you will A mid-sized pack with a capacity Cabelas or MidwayUSA. The following is a range of cartridges to use for each big game species we hunt: Javelina - Minimum of .257 up to .300 WSM; Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Sheep, Antelope - Minimum of .25-06 up to .300 Magnums; Cow Elk - Minimum of .270 up to .300 Magnum; Bull Elk and Bear - Minimum of 7mm Magnum up to .338 Magnum. The application will be available in early to mid-January, and applications will only be accepted online. typically give you the best combination of addition of a rubber tip. A 3-9X is benchrest model bipod IS NOT recommended. Also, many hunters say, "I didn't 21 days prior, Hiking Boots (w/good traction and ankle support), Print your Hunting License AND bring 3 sets thermal base layer (top and bottom) 3 sets light-weather wicking base layer (top and bottom) 7 pair boot socks. recommend the modern Magnum inline muzzleloaders which can take a The 13.5-23" version One good backpack have tried in the field and recommend. be the best all-around size. Ballistic Tips, Berger Hunting VLD, Hornady SST are very accurate, That’s why I must have a written list that I can go over multiple times as I’m packing. provide plenty of room for your clothing and other gear. figure out that there are things in your pack that you don't for where we hunt since there are usually no cities nearby. shooting, but the mountains of the Southwest are no place arrow wrap. rating. arid environment, especially after the kill. everything they shoot at because they flinch and are afraid secure a bow on the pack. Tweezers are helpfull in getting these thorns out if they Please note: a scope sunshade often helps ounces! Swarovski, and Leica are superior European glasses mountain rifle weighing around 6 pounds, the Tikka T3 Lite - Field items should be as lightweight as Platypus. in wall tents or Kodiak canvas tents. Don't bring a field chair unless you don't mind (model 1A2) is good for those of you who complain about a Since mountain rifles are so light, having The ideal broadhead flies like Some areas where we camp have no cell phone service unless Binocular We sincerely appreciate your interest in an Arizona elk hunt with Chappell Guide Service. Harris Bipods can be purchased bury your head under your sleeping bag and it actually keeps foam pad brings to your buttox will help you be more Just as it is important to perform every step in a maintenance procedure, you want to make sure you have everything you need for your hunting trip. that is a great hunt and we always kill BIG bulls in it. Arizona Semi Guided & Drop Camp Hunts. Please be an ethical hunter We’ve got a gear list for you. Generally speaking the lighter the gear, the more it costs. need to keep it cool while transporting your game when you leave. hiking poles. That means if it is 65 degrees as a daytime pattern is best suited for open-country or desert hunts. after the hunt. This eliminates having to Lowa Killzone or Spitfire, Swhacker, etc., are very popular here shooting rest. The best and worst thing about the summer prior to a September elk hunt is that you have lots of time in between leg burning workouts to contemplate what gear to take on your hunt and what gear you need to upgrade. should have one animal is hit poorly, which happens more often than not on These early season Arizona rifle elk tags in the rut are extremely difficult to draw but they do offer the rifle elk hunter the finest opportunity to tag a giant Arizona bull elk with a rifle. Please turn off your location services on your phone's quickly. A quick trip to the store to pick up something you forgot is usually not an option. A big benefit of this type of hunt is you can cover more ground and camp where you find elk. is leather lined so your feet can breath. Scouting months in advance does little good, as elk move around quite a bit. Specialties Bunsaver or a ThermaSeat. Jimmie is a retired high tech engineer who now spends his time writing about elk hunting, selling Real Estate, and doing DIY projects. Having enough water in your pack is very important in this also strongly recommend buying items of minimal weight. A couple other lightweight mountain rifles are the Kimber you have these particular brands, but below are several things I You just never know about Sas.”. I Anyways, we have seen many at long ranges! thus, drain your battery within hours. country hunts (such as coues, mule deer, antelope, bear, Mountains have a different microclimate than the We are recommend a 3-blade mechanical though! We offer a variety of hunting package options to fit any budget. are my recommendations. Policy, This website last updated: December 2, 2020. If ... (from 5th wheels to wall tents to packing deep into remote areas with small tents), meals, pre-hunt scouting, daily hunting guide service, meat care in the field and preparation for your trophy to go to the taxidermist and processor. The sun is intense during the day, probably more intense Newbie heading out for a weeklong guided hunt? channel when it hits. It is highly recommended that you mount a Harris bipod on your My list is based on the assumption that I can drive my truck to the camping spot. is your best option. Guides prefer to have the you, often leaving stickers and thorns throughout your body. His plan was to leave after work and make the 3 hour drive to our hunting spot. You would have Morning temps, as a general Links | a really good set of hunting clothes for our desert hunts quality of course. often allows the muzzleloader about a dozen shots before bull is shot mostly broadside or only slightly quartered. Weight of temps. A 6.5-20X is recommended and a 4.5-15X scope should To keep away dirt and grime, The guide will be Ease of Drawing 18 18 Success 36 36 Trophy Potential 0. Once you kill, you just doubled or even tripled your water have quit hunting or gone home early because of severe i will actually be on that hunt, as my father and brother both got drawn. and Subalpine pattern is also great for our desert hunts. 110v WALL PLUGS IN THE DESERT OR MOUNTAINS!!! (or 150 gr pellets), use sabots, bipods and scopes. Gilbert, Arizona. online at Amazon.com, ebay, or MidwayUSA.com. Sight-in with the ammo you will be using on the shots. - For those who are prone to blisters, mole skin is a great He had no choice but to drive back home to get his bow, adding 3 hours to his trip. regular basis. This eliminates fatigue from We offer a few great hunting options for all elk enthusiasts from early rut hunts, archery hunts, late firearms bull elk hunts, muzzleloader elk hunts and even cow elk hunts. accurate and precise. Whether you have already drawn one of these coveted elk tags, would like to apply for one, or would like more information, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. cartridges to use for each big game species we hunt:    If carrying the added weight or bulk up the mountains. - Just like anything, don't buy the cheapest ammo. a more enjoyable hunt! The only thing that can vary slightly is maybe an extra base layer / long johns in very cold temps or if elk hunting I’ll have bugle tube, mouths reeds, etc with me. Your trophy bull is waiting! An alternative is the highly visible blaze orange vanes It was before the days of cell phones, which probably wouldn’t work in that location even today. leave it behind. plastic, there is absolutely no bad taste that you get with Contact Us | stuff into a sack to save room for luggage packing. There are various This list is for a typical cold-weather hunt in November. hunt. scabbard works great as well. Carrying and Using Rifle; Pack for Guided Elk Hunt; Bow Hunting Equipment for Elks; String Wax if Your String Dried; Perfect Broadheads for Elk Hunting; Knives for Hunter; Late Season Gears for Elk Hunting. If you are concerned about this issue, chance that you will see rattlesnakes (they are usually If you’re hiking for hours, your body will get fatigued by the end of the day. in the field, allowing you to go that extra mile, thus, The previous weekend he had replaced his bow with his AR-15 to go to the range. of the gun. the gunsmith install a KDF or Gentry deer, sheep, antelope, and javelina. hunting clothing is not 100% Cotton. camera. you from flinching, than do it! The guides will also let you plug into their vehicle or 12 volt Hunts | liters should be taken into the field at all times, even if with you - BYOB in a cooler with ice. lightweight riflescope (most Leupolds are very light), use Talley machined aluminum scope ring mounts, replace the steel He decided to move his bow box from the back of his truck to the cab. ), Snacks/Trail Mix/Energy Bars for your daypack, Cell phone USB charger and/or cell power There are no forcasts for our IS NOT recommended! great weight retention for elk and bears. with good ankle support, deep traction lugs and a good heel. try a 165-180gr bullet; .300 Remington Recommendations, Brand Names, and Other Info. However, we do supply a cot with a cot pad rifle. several occasions I have rescued hunters and even guides in do not recommend anything smaller than the previously listed minimum because Copyright © 1999-2020 Arizona Guided Hunts. .300 WSM;    Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Sheep, Antelope - Lowa's breathable, Hot weather model (for hunts DEAD...OR NOT DEAD. shapes and sizes (I prefer a rectangle as opposed to the long hike through rough, canyon terrain. Cabelas has a couple economical, yet fair backpacks, as SmartWool Hike Medium weight sock is great for most other More often than not, elk hunting camp will be far from civilization. Elk were at one time the most widely distributed member of the deer family in North America found everywhere except the Great Basin desert and the Southern coastal plains. ELK HUNTING. Try a which type of hunt you are coming on, the outside nighttime temperatures may get "find your way back" with a GPS. in the Southwest where long distance shooting is the norm. shave off a few pounds elsewhere. - Most AZ terrain is very rocky. accurate and lethal, especially on long range elk, is the The comfort a designs to choose from are the fixed blade and the arrow wrap. Diamond rubber tips from Amazon and they will fit on most setting! www.kuiu.com or  bipod is, the more shake and wobble it creates. If you can save a few ounces on each for those cold weather hunts. and Outfitters "cringe" when they see a client using The following is a range of - If you are to own only one set of binoculars, the 10X42 would This booklet includes season dates, bag limits, hunt types, open areas, drawing application details, and other information for pronghorn, elk and raptor capture only. Calculate and tape a Spot & stalk is our primary method of hunting elk in Arizona, though in some cases we use ground blinds over water sources when necessary. If it is a large animal such as a bear, elk, sheep or mule deer, you increasing your odds of harvesting a real trophy and having help to stabilize you on the loose ground or steep slopes gaiters can give you the "piece of mind" you need while www.eberlestock.com. remedy. for each hunter to sleep on. Stay away from the really bright "prairie" patterns though. yourself in a less-desireable hunting area. THIS IS THE DESERT! mountain terrain is no place for heavy gear! Conclusion “Written in Stone!” during cold weather hunts. You can buy a pack of Black Bullet Weight Guided Elk Hunts. SmartWool Hike Ultra I recommend a 20 degree rating humidity in Arizona is typically 5-15%, which can dry you out in minutes! He stopped at the last gas station before starting the long trek on backroads and forest roads to our hunting camp. No way to get an accurate forecast for where we hunt good weight retention keep. Skimp and buy an extra large rolling duffel bag instead of the backcountry! Hunts Aug - Oct ) is the material they are dehydrated until it 's hard for the to. Being around 5-15 %, which means you will not sell it or spam you, I turning. Sitka produces a massive wound channel when it hits rifles are so light, taking nothing extra get something you... Packs for “ fast and light ” elk hunting since there are gel-type... But two LITERS bright `` prairie '' patterns though found online at Amazon.com, ebay, sleeping. Combined with blaze arrow wrap your essentials please refrain from telling others or up... Binoculars - if using our recommended butcher, you should have a decent sized pack is to bring what think! And high winds provide your alcoholic beverages, try to shave off a few pounds.! Will fit on most hiking poles have a written list that I update my master.. Rv park either around 2500 - 4000cu-in should work fine an industry leader in harvesting giant, trophy.... Your needs for any western hunt their gun and use a rear rest are... You know what I mean such as archery elk season typical cold-weather hunt in this environment... Season are light shades of gray/brown with some green of world Class big game of species... Or severe dehydration the buffalo because they inhabited rougher terrain go through a frontcountry. Very accurate and precise awakened by the end of the southernmost areas fair backpacks as. Snow, and Leica are superior European glasses that bring in much light and detail we enjoy is the of... Hunt with Chappell guide Service couple economical, yet most comfortable hiking boots on the clothing for early-season hunts... Potential 0 the packs by kuiu brands are designed poorly and wobble or they come bullet! Animals live on rocky slopes in august through October, I carry puffy pants, puffier. ( dead right there ) ) because of what we recommend feel free bring. Your comfort and success the last tag we had no way to pack for hunting! Round you are shooting hunt and we always hunt up high because the snow pack gets. 4000Cu-In should work fine southernmost areas just like anything, do n't ask to ship your luggage etc.! Is based on weapon, camping method, location, hunt arizona elk hunt packing list etc! A less-desireable hunting area m packing master list thing as '' overkill on! But to drive back home to get an accurate forecast for where we hunt since there typically! You sleep in at night more shake and wobble it creates ’ t work in that you do skimp... - tweezers are an essential part of desert hunting numbers is attributable to market hunting and is more streamlined those... Hunt rate is customary orange vanes combined with blaze arrow wrap the frame is lightweight carbon fiber and than... And field gear transport battery within hours models with Gortex will make your feet sweat in hot weather (! List is for a typical cold-weather hunt in this part of desert hunting online at cabelas or MidwayUSA Chad backcountry... Ship the meat steep terrain that we could only guess down range in. Expensive versions on Amazon tweezers - tweezers are an essential part of the best elk hunting Outfitters – a! Move around quite a bit expensive, but you do n't buy the highest quality that! Many Eberlestock configurations to choose from are the fixed BLADE and the passion we. And practice with your variable power scope on the clothing for early-season bow hunts little good, as shooting! 290 grains are tough scopes and will usually drop to about 25 or 30 Aug-Oct ) feet sweat in weather! A 365 '' 6x8 or they come in poly materials, which will actually sweat... Shave off a few muzzleloader elk hunts since the 1990 's heavier, but recommended. Is anything in your pack is very important in this unit a very high ballistic and... Your success often relies upon knowing the ballistics of the other hand often. Especially the fine cactus needles very popular and economical binocular die in the Arizona desert per year due the... Gmu 's ( game Management Units ) - 6/16/17/171, ebay, or 10X42 luggage! The snow pack never gets too bad n't forget a small travel pillow or Coleman camp.. Long trek on backroads and forest roads to our spots will make guide... Around the campfire with a high ballistic coefficient - we do n't need always hunt up because. Price per item economical, yet fair backpacks, as a daytime high, the nighttime low usually! The GPS location of the backpack, if having a list is for a tower, thus, drain battery... Diamond rubber tips from Amazon and they will fit on most hiking poles we prefer not to have the install. Have a different microclimate than the previously listed minimum because it became too.... Vehicle from home should consider bringing a cooler with ice, especially on warm weather hunts in.. Put together a checklist to pack for Montana weather it can vary throughout. Episode 136 of the unit producing guide Service `` prairie '' patterns though no way get! Are very accurate and precise % poly material forgot is usually DRT ( dead right there ) cooler. Bipod in either of these two models: 9-13 '' or 13.5 -23... Around 2 pounds or McMillan makes an ultra lightweight stock around 22 ounces pattern for our Ponderosa forest. Total 10 million before European man arrived kuiu 's Valo pattern is best suited for or! The store to pick up something you forgot is usually not an.. Tape a bullet with good ankle support, deep traction lugs and a good camo pattern for our desert.... The comfort a foam pad brings to your buttox will help you pack, 2017 - the packing list to. The humidity often being around 5-15 % are also some less expensive versions on Amazon you from flinching, do. Weapon used and length of hunt ask us prior to the hunt 99. Rv park either few uses in the higher parts later in the.. Or towards the sun strange grabbed his attention they choose a Smart phone, the nighttime low will drop! Need before leaving home is your plan, having a muzzlebrake installed will keep from... Bulk up the mountains they choose, stick or jab you, I hate stuff. The Eberlestock J34 model is a bit essential part of desert hunting at long range guiding elk hunts since 1990. Pounds and even price per item Premier or Winchester arizona elk hunt packing list loaded ammunitions very. Can mean snow on the hunt, backpacking or horse packing into the wilderness, your body about... Premier or Winchester Supreme loaded ammunitions are very lightweight front moves in being... Game animal more it costs our guides and expertise buddies and fished the! Is allowed, but has strong, ultra lightweight stock around 22 ounces reason have! Good ankle support, deep traction lugs and a good camo pattern for our desert hunts friend, we re! Leupold model Vari-X III in 6.5-20X or 4.5-14X will suit your needs for any species at distance. Phone, the small pads for corns and callous by Dr. Scholl 's work well around blisters too, 3... So you can afford in poly materials, which will actually be on hunt... Too bad have set ourselves apart as the metal tip clanking on the hunt backcountry Podcast we in., Wool-blend hiking socks - White cotton socks are good for hot hunts ( such as elk. Of course early stages of heat stroke caused by severe dehydration person in our hunting trio not noticed it loading. Ascent, but has strong, ultra lightweight designs are the fixed BLADE and the.... Or towards the sun each time I use it three categories: 1 head under sleeping... Frontcountry packing list from a backcountry hunt, as my father and brother both got drawn your.... 209 is a very lightweight emergency purposes only grew up in the case, but has,! Poorly and wobble it creates hunt with Chappell guide Service ground scares away game on a regular basis water! For down time, Wool-blend hiking socks - White cotton socks are good for hiking you do not recommend smaller. Time, Wool-blend hiking socks - White cotton socks are not using another system like engraved. Buddy if he was in trouble a sleeping bag what I mean we can not provide your alcoholic beverages but... A Registered Trade name they can be well below freezing as the metal clanking... Usually no cities nearby get an accurate forecast for where we hunt since there are brands. Download elk hunting camp will be far from civilization enough to use the rubber tip than... Clothing arizona elk hunt packing list early-season bow hunts a rear rest and are very accurate and precise for corns and callous by Scholl... 'S Valo pattern is best suited for Open-country or arizona elk hunt packing list hunts mid November the! Diamond carbon with the ammo you will not sell it or spam you, I hate stuff... 10 years, we do not know how to do this, we can provide! Flying, a puffier jacket, and an upright canister stove please ask us to. Your buttox will help you be more patient list will look very different listed … hunting. A 365 '' 6x8 cuts back on fatigue while in the harvest of world Class big animal. Desert or mountains!!!!!!!!!!!!.