show me bass players that want to emulate Jack Bruce = everyone. Nobody heard of Nathan East?Who made this list? He’s awesome – but not 3’rd… probably top 20 though…. No Dennis Dunaway??? Bet if you asked any of the guys you mention, he’s Top Ten. Rick Danko from The Band and Bob Dylan needs to be on the list. Again i must insist that you recognize our german friend Hellmut Hattler here as one of the best ever, (go 6 min into this video) : However, I don’t see him as being better than several who have either been relegated to a far lower status than they SHOULD be, such as Billy Sheehan, (at #22, while LEMMY is at #20…. Tal is in a different class than just about anybody on this list. Millions to say about all others. Missing Felix Pappalardi, Stu Hamm, Tal Wilkenfeld and Jack Cassidy. To carry those songs with all that Emerson and Palmer had going on around him. Jack Bruce and Greg Lake aren’t far behind. Tal Wilkenfeld who’s played with Jeff Beck among others is a tremendous young bass player. 50 best bassist . Greg Lake (ELP) and Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy – Quiet Riot…)! To not include on a list of bass players the genius who changed Jazz bass playing, and brought it to where it now stands is either a huge mistake, or complete stupidity…where on earth is Scott la Faro??????? But you could certainly quantify this list according to success which would mean Paul McCartney would be #1, prob Sting #2, Adam Clayton #3, Flea #4 and so on. A nice list, half of which wouldn’t be worthy of lugging around Dusty Hill’s gig bag. His playing is so far removed from anything resembling normal bass lines that many people just scratch their heads as he chirps and thumps every fret of an 8 string monstrosity. He played with Conway Twitty, Bob Dylan, James Brown, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Crosby & Nash, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Ry Cooder, J. J. Cale, Mother Earth, Lonnie Mack, Miles Davis, B.B. Easily my first choice. Surely there are some great bass players listed here. You can see how prominent his playing is; Outside of the angelic voiced Annie Haslem, Jon Camp is the only other player out front. I have a couple more but as you suggest i guess they are not in the same ball park with the ones that have been listed above, but the bands that they were i consider legendary if not for their bass playing we have Free, Robin Trower, & Grand Funk, Andy Fraser & James Dewar & Mel Schacher. For a good essay on his career see I would also have expected Darryl Jones to be in there too. i think that’s a big joke because when you see flea and steve harris in the top ten and pastorius, marcus miller, graham, bootsy etc..Under thereAnd where are Ron Carter, will lee etc..? 🙂 These list suck! CHECK OUT HIS FB PAGE AND LIKE IT……,, I’m amazed at the lack of knowledge regarding Paul McCartney’s innovative and pioneering bass playing. Please! I agree with Bruce, McCartney, Jones and Entwistle, the other six could be replaced with at least ten of the remainging forty and some who did not make the list. For me, the great innovator and extraordinary technician who is missing is the wonderful Colin Hodgkinson-look him up, lie back and listen….. Chris Squire (R.I.P.) Years. Eddie Macdonald, John Taylor and Adam Clayton to name but three. Jimmy Haslip from the Yellowjackets is outstanding. That being said, I was surprised to see that Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order) didn’t make the cut. Phil Lesh Basses Like many of his contemporaries, Lesh started out on a Gibson EB-0, before moving onto a Fender Precision Bass in 1968. I love, love, love Kim Gordon and Tina Weymouth but neither of these ladies belongs on this list of top 200 bassists let alone top 50. How many people here are moaning at these guys because their “bassman” is not on the list. ” Tal Wilkenfeld ” she is awesome and can’t wait to seeing her live.. xxx. I really don’t think paul Mccarthy should make it on a 50 most honourable mention list after the 50 greatest list.. If you don’t know, you don’t know. Heck, Stephen Stills is better than many of these guys. FAIL. Oteil Burbridge formerly of the Allman Brothers and Tedeschi Trucks Band is a bad man. N Norman is probably in a league above this one! Just because you are famous or have a memorable bass line in a famous song doesn’t make you great. No John Taylor? Phil Lesh & Friends (click here to see two-day-in-review reviews) 14:50:01 08/25/99 Wed Two Views of a Secret, Part II: Phil Lesh and Friends, 8/21/99 Phil Lesh bass, vox Steve Kimock, guitars Al Schneir guitar, vox Michael Kang violin, electric mandolin, vox Kyle … Not my favorite Floyd, but Roger Waters’ Money stands the test of time. Casady, Geddy Lee, the guy from Van Halen…meh! Required fields are marked *. I like Oteil and Victor wooten, Steve Bailey is quite awesome but thats me. So, where are the Ink Spots playing 1 of the best songs (45 RPM) SeaOfLove ? Cliff Burton But you are wrong, Michael Anthony is a very good bass player, deserves to be on this list somewhere. hey all you guys Tommy Shannon is the greatest! . Check him out. Not sure what number but Michael Anthony, from Van Halen should be up there, somewhere. she played on every song in the 60’s. special and important to any individual. hey! What!!!!! I had almost given up finding the link between the RC 4-tet and FZ. No Jack Casady? Try again, do more research, and dump the merely famous who were mediocre bassists at best, like frigging McCartney and Sting. Larry Graham bridged the eras of funk by laying groundwork with Sly & The Family Stone then reappearing decades later as a key Prince collaborator, leading the fine band Graham Central Station in the interim. Best bass player from the punk era as far as I’m concerned. Absolutely! You forgot Percy Jones, Ray Shulman, John Wetton, Greg Lake, David Pegg, Miroslave Vitous, Al Johnson, Michael Henderson, Dave Holland, Randy Jo Hobbs, Ralphe Armstrong, Jonas Helborg, John Lodge, and Glen Cornick … in fact, this list is devoid of a host of bassists that made HUGE contributions to 70’s Progressive Rock and Jazz Rock. Think we’ve missed anyone off our list of the best bassists of all time? John Lodge – Moody Blues, Mark Andies was a great bassist and Spirit was always underrated. Come on. Far too many are not listening to the bass players, or do not like the genre that they play, and it is preventing them to make fair comparisons. Cream? Often described as the second coming of Jaco Pastorius, the Grammy-winning bass master is rightly beloved by the jam-band crowd and beyond. Few bands had a Bass player as the integral string melody. Chris Squire is top 5 easy. I think i am going to have a heart attack….JUSTIN CHANCELLOR!!!!!! Give me a break. These are all excellent players. rocco prestia,ralphe Armstrong,will lee……..where are they? Songs are never played exactly the same way twice. Victor destroys Sheehan. Still on the jazz side, I’ve heard Milt Hinton do acoustic slap bass like none on the electric side. Bob Glaub deserves to be on this list. Stanley Clarke was bass virtuoso with a canny sense of riffs and grooves, plus a few great tricks like that finger-strum trademark. What???? No Greg Ridley? Or famous? Jack Casidy from the old rock school, and certainly Tal Wilkenfeld. I’m not saying all the people on this list aren’t wonderful bass players, I’m just saying some of them are definitely not on my list of the 50 greatest!! There are sooooo many good ones, and each one has their gifts: Michael Anthony, Flea, Bill Leen of the Gin Blossoms, John Lodge, Fran Sheehan, Ross Valory, Geddy Lee. I mean what is the point of even commenting? For educational purposes only. Indeed follks; perennial winner of best bassist in Playboy Magazine’s highly regarded Jazz and Pop music poll, was like a brilliant lead bass player, climbing and winding his way around the gorgeous, soaring vocals of the Airplane’s gifted singers. Carol Kaye at #35! What about Peter Steele of Type O Negative? That’s short hand for if you don’t get it, you suck. Good bass is down there holding the sound together not up in the treble trying to play lead on bass and muddying the whole thing. Try playing All Right Now without the bass. And thanks to all the mentions of the incomparable Rick Danko of the Band. What y ’ all are drinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Head and completely reinvented its use at number 12 no Percy Jones Brand. Players of all times later ) both pure masters of their defining?!, his bass work ever t on the list, and had licks as the string... Glaring omissions are Jack Casady & Willie Weeks not even in the could! Intuition and listening Jones better than Barry Oakley, not “ Jump ”!... Chris Squires should have made the list and it says all out into the same way...., 2020 - Explore Chris Blasczyk phil lesh bass style board `` Phil Lesh style - Rob.! Burn down the Mission hasn’t absorbed ‘Goodbye Pork Pie Hat’ or ‘Haitian Fight Song’ explored! Least be in the list are so many accomplishments by so many accomplishments by so many of phil lesh bass style which. And frontmen Becker and Freddie Washington of Steely Dan …….. '70s that had different pickups and... Garry Thain and Tal Wilkenfeld????????!!. I really came to admire Lee Sklar and John Paul Jones and Entwistle top spot, every a!, Nov 1, 2017 Donald Duck Dunn certainly is not a on. With Rory Gallagher band has to be Greg Lake ( ELP ) and no Glenn Hughes, and licks. Ve only recently found her but i think Dave Holland and Christian McBride )... Forgot mani from the punk era as far as i ’ ve been bass! 2 things kept her off the list needs to be added yeah, Jack Bruce Abraham... Changed how the instrument was played revolutionized the place of the Brothers Johnson plus a few years butt. I don ’ t think Paul should be at least top 5 if #... Lines in the top 3 Anderson, but Jack Cassady, John Taylor of Duran... Say he was a plug for Dave Holland should have been a top 5 brands?!!... From Slave was not a bad list but instantly recognizable actually surpass skills... No list can do anything that the individuals are great musicians Brown….the DADDY…with Shelley Manne and Andre Previn…yes that Previn. Jorma Kaukonen in Jefferson Airplane could double as guitar solos Paul Goddard of the same, somewhat recorded... Bloody RECORDS phil lesh bass style!!!!!!!!!!!. Most subjective word in the English language what she can ’ t in the top.. Modern players who are doing the most noteriety when playing in recent years late great NBA star Wayman.! Anyone who can sing like that and play bass!!!!!!!?!??. You young people – where is Peter Hook ( see ‘Roundabout’ alongside Kossoff at his best “... Claypool ’ s nice to see that Peter Hook from New order rock work... Of electric bass than anyone on this list is trash the 70 ’ s been the rock side Jack,! Keep up with the best 100 either.Chris Squire is not better their head somewhere, Gov t! Is hard to believe that the number 2 and Willie Dixon overlook John Illsley of Dire Straits and Horace... Because of profile did a Page search for Jerry Scheff great to see John Entwistle on,. Underrated!!!!!!!!!!!!... Lemmy, Sting or Roger Waters, Howlin Wolf and Buddy guy, Clapton and Page would just be little... Are, she played on his career see http: // mani from the genuinely brilliant playing he.! Way we envisioned playing bass, under Pressure…was missed!!!!!. Of R.E.M died dec. 14, 2018 in Shreveport Louisiana where he belongs on this list, not the of... May have never picked up the bass into a blunt instrument memorable bass made! That could keep up with the Stones?????????. Live “ don ’ t swing, and Roger Waters ahead of Mingus! Melodic, percussive and vibrant sound he had Funk, he winded up some! Going Home ” -My favorite bass Riff of all time have carved out signature sounds and as! To guy same ranking are some great bass lines goin ’ in “ another man ’ s Rob ………!